corvy in-car electronics corvy in-car electronics




Radio 1 din 7 “touch screen. With removable cover and motorized screen.

WINCE operating system.

With USB port, microSD card reader and auxiliary jack input.

With connectivity by MIRROR (iPhone) and TWO-WAY LINK (Android mobile), being able to control the functions of your Android mobile from the unit.

A2DP Bluetooth hands-free system and internal microphone.

AM / FM electronic tuning radio with 30 presets.

RDS for station identification.

Treble, bass, balance and fader control.

Video input for rear view camera. RCA output for subwoofer.

Adjust the color of the lighting in 7 colors.

Resistive connection for control of SWC steering wheel controls (an additional module may be necessary).

Reset button to reset the system.

4 x 65 w. ISO connector Remote control.




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